Carb or not to carb?

I was reading a triathlon training book specifically for Ironman distance races – Going Long by Joe Friel and Gordon Byrn.  When referring to nutrition the coaches recommend having starchy carbs mainly before and after workouts and lean protein with fruits and vegetables as the main source of fuel throughout the rest of the day.  If anyone can “afford” to eat starchy carbs I woul;d say it is an athlete who is training for an Ironman distance, but that was not the point, these coaches were advising for athletes to eat mainly lean protein and fruits and vegetables to see optimal results.    I was happy to see this, as a whole people eat too many starchy carbs, yes, oatmeal and brown rice are healthy but they should not be the base of your nutrition, even if you burn thousands of calories per day.  Lean protein, fruits and veggies will help athletes maintain a healthy immune system, optimal weight and will avoid nutrient defieciencies.   

You know your running form sucks when…

“Bucket Man” corrects your form.  Who is bucket man?  He is about 50 years old, 7 ft tall and approximately 300 pounds.  I think he lives with family who takes care of him, lets just say he is not the sharpest pencil in the box.  He always has 2 buckets with him, sometimes rides a bike and roams the streets of the Suwanee/Lawrenceville area, from what I gather he is completely harmless just a little odd.

Today on mile 4 of my 4, 1-mile repeats, I was getting tired and could feel my post preggo tummy flab starting to pooch out and my arms creeping up into “bad form mode” but to be honest the pollen count was through the roof and the heat was intense I just wanted to finish this last split.  Then, here comes bucket man walking towards me ( I think he collects cans in the buckets, maybe picks up trash, not really sure????)  he stops dead in his tracks and stares at me as I run by (seemed like forever), I politely said hello, then here it is…. he says, “Drop your arms a little and swing more, you’ll go faster!”  In my head I’m thinking, “Really?!  he just corrected my form? I’m the trainer/coach who people buy training sessions for me to correct their form, WTH?.  I have to admit, lately my athletic confidence and training is getting back to my pre-baby fitness level, and I am damn proud it’s taken forever, but this threw me for a loop.  Life is funny that way, you can run around feeling like a bad ass and one comment from someone unexpected can put you right back into a humble place.  I will make sure my form rocks next time I “run” into bucket man and I have come to the realization that I still have a lot of work to do!

Maybe my new coach, aka bucket man will give me some more pointers if he sees me cycling, lol.  I’ll keep you posted!


Things that have changed since I became a mommy.

-I takes 4 times as long to get out of the house in the morning with princess Lily.

-I have not slept a solid 5 hours since Lily was born, and even if she sleeps through the night I still wake up wondering if she is okay.

-I celebrate Lily pooping (during constipation periods of course)

-I don’t flush the toilet in the middle of the night in fear of waking her up

-I can relate to my mom in a completely different and special way.

-Time flies by super fast

-I have completely quit procrastinating my workouts, when I can get them in I cherish them.  Extra time is too precious to procrastinate anymore.

-When Lily smiles my mood can swing from completely crappy to happy in a second.

-I have become an excellent planner- no more flying by the seat of my pants!

-I have discovered a love that I never knew before

– I have never done this much laundry in my life, and I know that it will only get worse!

Sunday Fun Day!

Lily, Ben and I had a long travel day on Saturday, we went to a wedding in South Georgia, saw Ben and Kham for dinner, so needless to say we relaxed this Sunday.  With the time change we slept in, cleaned up the house and Lily and I went for a long run on the Greenway while Ben was studying (she slept and I worked!).  After we got back from the run we enjoyed the beautiful weather more, she got in her new swing!

Sorry sports drinks- there are new all natural alternatives to your high fructose corn syrup and sodium.

I was teaching my Pilates class a couple of weeks ago and on got on a random soap box I started telling everyone to give up the sports drinks, kids and adults should not consume them.  In my book they are just as harmful as soda, they are loaded with chemicals, high fructose corn syrup sugars and sodium that can pack on the pounds and rot your teeth (or your kid’s precious teeth) all at the same time.  Typically if you are working out for 90 minutes or less drinking plain old water will maintain hydration. 

I have been competing in triathlons and long distance running events for years, and yes, caloric drinks are beneficial during long runs, rides, swims, games, matches etc.  BUT you don’t have to reach for the mainstream sports drinks.  For my Ironman training and race I drank diluted organic white grape juice with a dash of sea salt.  The potassium is high, which helps prevent muscle cramping and the sea salt replenished the sodium I lost through sweat during my race or long training sessions, and the calories were not laced with high fructose corn syrup, just pure grape juice :-) .  Another recent “natural sports drink” of choice has been all natural coconut water.  I prefer the pomegranate acai flavor; again this drink is loaded with potassium and all natural ingredients.  * Please note you only need to add sea salt if you are losing sodium by sweating profusely over a long period of time (2+ hours).  Adding sea salt is not necessary for taking a step class or going out for a 4 mile run.  Another all natural sports drink many triathletes use is Cerasport, I have tried this all natural product and it works wonders too!

Me, rehydrating with my coconut juice after my long run yesterday on the Greenway Lily took a nice long nap in her jogging stroller the entire run!  So, next time you reach for or think to give your kids a sports drink think again, you will save their teeth and the future of their metabolism.  The excessive amount of high fructose corn syrup and sodium is not worth it. 

I love catching up with friends!

I love how at 7 months she knows how to smile and pose for the camera, she is a piece of work!
We had a great day, I worked most of the morning on the computer then we met up with Tosha for a run in Buckhead.  It is so nice to run with a friend and catch up on each other’s lives while getting the benefits of a great run.  Plus Lily had a great nap in her stroller, the more bumps the better! 

After the run we came home and got cleaned up and met up with Karen and Makayla.  Karen is the awesome friend who gave me all of her baby stuff, I think we had our entire garage filled with Makayla’s hand me downs.  This was a life saver! 

We owed them a visit and it was great catching up with this friend too!  Here is Makayla with Lily, she took care of Lily so well! 

This was a day where I can say my “cup was filled up” with great quality time with friends, we need to do this more often!

What turns an intention into an action?

A good friend and mentor once told me, you will lose weight once the pain of being over weight out weighs the pleasure of food indulgences.  This statement is somewhat harsh but true.  Most of the life changing weight loss testimonials I have read all start out with some event, comment, or mishap that motivated that person to make dramatic changes and start living a healthy lifestyle.  I have heard the stories kids calling adults fat at the pool, or someone bending over at work and their pants ripping, and the list of those humiliating occurances could go on from person to person. I have had several in the past few months, when I was 2 months post pregnancy some idiot at the gym asked me when my due date was.  I played it off with a smile but it got to me.  Then when Lily was 6 months old someone asked me if I was expecting, this was the turning point, no more messing around, this weight is coming off! 

The truth is after having my bundle of joy last July, I had intentions of taking the weight off quickly, but the reality is I am still 15-20 pounds over weight.  As a Dietitian and Trainer I am living and breathing healthy lifestyle to my clients and friends and being a little chubby these days has started to take it’s toll on my overall self image.  I have never struggled this much to drop unwanted pounds.  This is a great experience for me to relate to clients and have empathy towards their nutrition and fitness journeys and make me a better overall health professional. 

The first strategy I have found that is helping take the pounds off is making sure I do not skip workouts.  If Lily is with me we jog with the stroller, or I strength train in my garage or set my bike up on the trainer.