What does a Registered Dietitian eat?

People ask me about what I eat all of the time, assuming that I live in the kitchen whipping up healthy meals for hours for my family.  I wish I could cook healthy spa food or Cooking Light recipes daily for my family.  That is so far from the truth!  I eat healthy but I have to keep it quick, all of the pictures below are “30 minute (or less)meals.”  Most of the meals are high protein and high veggie, I advise clients who want to lose weight to only starchy carbs right after workouts.    This can make meals that are not right after your workout a little tricky, use veggies over starches always!  Here is a mixture of ideas from the Yarn kitchen.

 Wild caught grilled salmon with lemon pepper, cooked Kale steamed down with EVOO, and homemade sweet potato fried (slice, toss in EVOO and dash with a little sea salt and black pepper.  I had this after a long run with Lily on a Sunday afternoon. 

 Chicken pasta (with no pasta, lol)  chunks of chicken breast, roasted red peppers, onions, and baby bella mushrooms with evoo, no sodium Italian herbs and fresh Parmesan cheese.  This was a lunch on the go at home, the chicken was already cooked from the night before and the veggies already chopped!  Took 10 minutes from start to finish at the most!

 Fajita scramble – (no tortillas!) chicken breast (you could use steak too), grilled onions, peppers, and salsa tossed with EVOO, paprika, cumin, chili powder as fajita seasoning topped with avocado slices

 Mixed leafy greens, grilled chicken breast, fresh blueberries, red peppers, and mango vinaigrette dressing

 Naked lean sirloin burger, topped with mustard, pickles and ketchup (no HFCS in my ketchup!), homemade sweet potato fries, and roasted brussel sprouts (coconut oil, sea salt and black pepper)

I went for a run and came home to have this yummy egg scramble (1 egg, 1 white, red pepper, baby bella mushroom, 1/2 oz swiss cheese and 1 oz turkey sausage) fruit and Ezekiel toast.  That jar is homemade jam from a client who got it from his mother in South GA, sooooooooooooooo good!