My name is Dana, I am a wife, mother, Dietitian/trainer and I also like to compete in triathlons for fun.  As the owner of Nutrition Integrity, LLC, my goal as a health professional is to educate and empower you to reach your ultimate health goals.  I do not believe in gimmicks or quick fixes, optimal health and metabolism will result in weight loss and developing lean muscle.  This web-site was created with the intention to educate and inform you of the latest nutrition research and trends with integrity and honesty.  I will deliver the information to you from my perspective as a wife, mom, athlete and health professional.  Balancing a career and family while training for races can be overwhelming; friends often ask me, “How do you keep it all together?” Sometimes I do not even know how I do it!  BUT I will share the healthy strategies and techniques that I have developed to achieving physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Enjoy the articles, recipes, blog updates and more.

Eat for Results” is based on the belief that everyone in some way wants to see results, it may be to get off medications, compete in an athletic event or simply lose weight and drop body fat.  Remember fad or yo-yo dieting and endless hours in the gym are not the only ways to achieve your ideal body weight and health, in fact doing those things long term can damage your health leaving you feeling frustrated.

A healthy lifestyle is a balanced one, which includes nutrition, fitness, family, and a fulfilling career and/or hobbies.  Food is a simple pleasure in life and everyone’s relationship with food is meant to be a peaceful one.

Are you interested in nutrition coaching?

Individual Nutrition Coaching:  I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and coach you and develop customized nutrition, fitness, and supplement programs for long term health and weight management results.  Virtual coaching is available to those who do not reside in the Atlanta area.

Corporate Wellness Coaching:  I am also available to improve the overall health of you and your co-workers.  Corporate wellness programs benefit not only the company bottom line in terms of insurance premiums, but they also boost moral, promote a team environment and of course increases employee productivity while decreasing “sick days.”

Some of the programs include:

  • 12 week “get fit” challenges
  • Lunch and learn seminars
  • Virtual group coaching to keep everyone accountable in between visits

*Corporate wellness coaching is limited to those companies who are in the Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

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