At home workout during nap time.

One of the best investments we have made since we had Lily was investing in a home treadmill.  I was lucky to get seriously “hooked up” with a great treadmill from a friend from Life Time!

I use it at least three times per week while Lily takes her nap and Ben and Ben Jr. jump on it a few times per week too, especially now that it is getting cold outside.  There is nothing healthy about sitting on your butt watching TV, so I walk/run and watch.  Multi-tasking my guilty pleasures with a workout makes me very happy.  It is important to take time out for yourself to mentally escape.  I have the ABC app on my ipad so I can catch up on Revenge and Modern Family while getting my steps in and keeping the baby weight gain under control.

My new fitness focus since being pregnant is overall daily activity, I strive for 10,000+ steps per day on my activity monitor (Motoactive or Fitbit are both great devices).  I have come to the conclusion that lifting for intense reps and heavy weight or running/swimming or cycling for speed is out of the question when 28 weeks pregnant, so counting steps is a great way to be accountable to a daily goal.  Even after pregnancy I will keep up my “daily steps” it simply makes me less lazy and I like it!  I challenge you to monitor your steps every day, I was shocked at how much I did not move, I was at about 3000-4000 per day, just because we are busy does not mean that we are moving.  I have made some serious lifestyle changes, like the obvious parking far away, walking the dog more, and on my lunch break I will walk around the building or the mall across the street rather then catching up on e-mails or sitting in a restaurant somewhere.

Hopefully you can find some great ways to multi-task while you workout, I am even considering a treadmill desk (just not too sure about my balance while walking and typing).  Share your multi-task that you like to do while exercising.

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