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Book Shelf….I have learned that in the nutrition and wellness field things change quickly and information is not always what it appears to be. I am often in front of clients who have been mislead by politically motivated nutrition advice or hyped up media drama rather then science based helpful nutrition and fitness advice from professionals who have both researched and personally worked with patients for many years.

Yep, there are still people out there who buy fat free processed cookies to lose weight because a trendy magazine article focused on calorie counting rather then addressing the real metabolic issues that make people hold onto body fat (stepping off my soap box now).

Here are some of my favorite credible reads for nutrition, wellness and metabolism…

The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine – I use this all of the time when dealing with tricky client metabolic issues.

Wheat Belly – why we should be gluten free- period.

Ultra Metabolism – how to boost your metabolism, great read!

The Primal Blueprint – a book that focuses on how our bodies were intended to be fed, move and feel in nature.

Good Calories. Bad Calories. – Some foods we really just should not eat.

Nutrition Periodization for Athletes – a great book for all athletes (especially endurance athletes) who are looking to drop body fat and perform at the next level.

Cracking the Metabolic Code – another “text book” I use with clients all of the time!

The Beauty Detox – Great recipes, concepts and outlooks on how to naturally detox and appear more beautiful through proper nutrition.

 The Honest Life – By Jessica Alba, a great read for everyone, but especially moms who are trying to eliminate harmful chemicals from their household and great ideas for cooking and play activities.

How to Eat Move and Be Healthy – by Paul Chek a guru in the nutrition industry, everyone should read this book, it will change your perspective on everything!

It’s all Good – Gwyneth Paltrow, delicious recipes for the entire family.  Gluten free, and mostly dairy free!


Lifestyle Books that I have also found helpful….

Financial Peace Revisited– if you are stressed about money, here is your plan to reach peace with it

Going Long  -training for Ironman Distance Training

It’s not about the money  -another great financial book that puts money into perspective

What Matters. – Great book on how to fix our country’s health care system

The 4-Hour Work Week – if you feel like you are not efficient at work read this!

Heaven is for Real – great read, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy

Feng Shui Your Life – balance and organize your life and home

The NEW Strong Willed Child – because Lily my daughter is STRNG WILLED!

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    • Hi Grace! There are several nutritional benefits of cherry juice, if it is the kid that is not processed. I am going to post a supplement fact sheet about cherry juice for you in my blog post right now. Thanks for reaching out.

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