Cauliflower pizza? I say YEY!

January is a REALLY busy time for nutrition coaches and trainers in the fitness industry, I have former and new clients who are coming out of the “wood work” asking for a meal plan, workout program and lifestyle change.  This is a great time of year for health professionals to make a HUGE impact on lives.  BUT, (there is always a but) I am helping everyone so much that my personal nutrition and exercise program can be put on the back burner if I’m not careful.  After a booked solid work week of short workouts for myself and haphazard meals at home, I made the commitment to that I would plan out the upcoming week with a solid dinner menu and arm my family with healthy breakfast, lunch and snack options.  Those creepy leftover Christmas cookies are almost gone!

Putting a creative twist on cooking can enable you to enjoy some of your favorite (cheat) foods without cheating or suffering the physical consequences of weight gain, GI distress, high blood sugars or mental fogginess from processed foods.  Take pizza for instance, there are several options for healthy pizza, with a little creativity you can easily make it low carb and vegetable based by using the right cooking techniques and foods.

I stumbled across a great new web-site, and I made this cauliflower pizzas today for lunch.  My husband is my best food critic, he will be honest and let me know when I flop or when I succeed.  This one was a thumbs up, the only change he sad is it was a little salty, so I would cut back or eliminate the salt in the recipe, and try to get as much water out of the cauliflower crust as possible, by blotting with paper towels in the prep phase.  We topped ours with Boars head peperoni, chicken sausage and mozzarella cheese.


I wish I had more pictures but we (Ben, Lily and I) ate so fast that I only have this one straight out of the oven.  I encourage you to get creative with your favorite foods so you can eat healthy and enjoy it!

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