Does this nutrition nightmare look familar?

I have to admit I have been in a bubble most of my working life, my first job was a lifeguard, then I waited tables at a somewhat healthy restaurant, then I worked in the Fitness Center and Health Promotions department at UNF, I was a dietetic intern at Emory, a Fitness Director at Chateau Elan Sports Club and then a Nutrition Coach and Trainer at Life Time Fitness.  The mainstream poor eating habits of “the office” were not a regular thing for me.  The worst thing I can remember is when the mom’s used to drop off homemade cookies or a hot pizza for all of the guards at the pool after their kids graduated from swim lessons but that only happened once and a while and we never overate because we were in the heat and swimsuits all day.

I get extra disgusted when I do corporate wellness events or drop by offices that I work with and I see this tables full of this…


It is no wonder there is an obesity epidemic and work performance and efficiency is poor.  How can one expect to function with clear thoughts after consuming over 100 grams of simple carbohydrates in one sitting?  The blood sugar crash is bound to put you in a coma!  Not to mention all of the other processed harmful ingredients in the foods above.  Where is the protein, fruits, vegetables?  Has anyone read Wheat Belly?!  Sugar, flour, grains are the main contributors to obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and attention disorders in this country.

I am sure that several of you see similar food set ups in your office daily and hopefully you pass them by because you have a healthier food stashed in your lunch cooler or your desk drawer.  The above foods are most tempting when blood sugars are dropping due to no breakfast or a afternoon energy crash.  I get so happy when clients tell me about how they effortlessly passed by their old temptations and I know it is simply because they have trained their metabolism to function better and they physically do not crave these foods at the same level that they used to.

Here are a few tips to arm your self with willpower and stable blood sugars to pass these treats by.

  • Eat Breakfast, better yet eat protein and healthy fats at breakfast, skip the tree bark cereal and have some eggs and nitrate free bacon, or a protein shake with almond butter, coconut milk and fruit.
  • Stash healthy snacks in your desk, purse, computer case and car, this way you always have an alternative option to any junk food presented.
  • Avoid excessive carbs and at lunch too, center lunch around protein, vegetables and healthy fats, this will keep blood sugars more stable and you will not crave energy later in the afternoon from leftover sugary doughnuts or coffee.

Get ready for Monday, pack your lunch and snacks to avoid the nutrition nightmare in the break room.



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