Dinner made easy with this….

A few years ago I made life very easy by signing up for a shop from home all natural food service, Service Foods Inc. I was first drawn in by the high quality of all of the meats and vegetables (the core products of Service Foods).  The meats and vegetables are certified all natural, chemically pure, no hormones, dyes, etc.  I love the product and service so much I was referring clients to the company non-stop and was eventually asked to help expand their nutrition, wellness and marketing departments and come aboard as a team member.  This has been a fantastic journey and I enjoy providing the “missing piece” of nutrition to families.  There are several weight loss and healthy eating programs out in the world but very rarely do they actually provide you with the high quality food in addition to the meal plan and coaching.  I view my role with Service Foods as a rare opportunity to make a positive impact in the world of politically driven chemically laden foods that are ruining our health as a nation.

If you are not local to the Atlanta area the sister companies that serve the nation include Green Box Foods

Here are some of the top objections I get about nutrition and eating clean from clients….

  • It takes too much time and thought
  • It is too expensive
  • I hate to go to the grocery store all of the time

All of the above objections were overcome by our family when we became customers.

  • The food is already located in your home so no more annoying stops to the grocery store, we really only get eggs, dairy, milk (rice, organic, coconut or almond of course), fresh fruits and veggies, and maybe some rice or potatoes from the store these days.
  • The food is comparable to the grocery store pricing but the quality is superior, and it is individually portioned so there is less waste.
  • The food is flash frozen rather then slowly infused with saline solution, so it defrost more quickly then traditional grocery store items.

freezer 3

Here is a snap shot of our freezer, I just loaded it up yesterday!  Chicken, fish, steak, beef, vegetables and berries. 

The reason I am posting this is to encourage you to make life easy when it comes to taking care of your health.  Find simple ways to eliminate time wasting steps in your daily routine.  This food service changed our lives dramatically and gave me a piece of mind as a mother that I was feeding my family chemically pure foods that would not disrupt their metabolism.

For more information about Service Foods check out their web-site, nutrition articles, cooking videos and educational videos are also located on the site.